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GFOUK™ Car Windshield Crack Repair Kit

GFOUK™ Car Windshield Crack Repair Kit

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Have an enjoyable and safe road trip without the unsightly nicks and cracks with this car windshield crack repair kit!

This repair kit comes with a professional-grade resin solution that fills in deeper nicks and cracks neatly with maximum sealing. Allowing it to fix various small-time windshield damages, including bulls-eye, half-moon, star breaks, cobwebs cracks, long-line cracks, and other blows. Simply drop a few amount of the solution to the crack, apply the included curing film for an airtight restoring, and use the scraper to adhere well. After that, wait for about 20 minutes to completely dry off, then remove the film and done! Revealing a fully repaired, brand new windshield look without the need of the help of an expert or complicated tools.  

The car windshield repair kit’s liquid agent leaves a long-lasting invisible layer that protects the glass from further damages. Preventing your newly fixed windshield from spreading cracks more even when exposed to extreme temperature conditions. Moreover, it does now leave any streaking and nasty waxy buildup behind unlike with other products. Formulated with high quality resin solution that works excellently and 100% safe to almost all types of laminated car windshields. No worries as it also does not emit any harmful odors to ensure the user’s safety and health at all times. 

Don’t let a tiny glass crack become a huge problem and immediately erase them using only this car windshield crack repair kit! 


  • Quick Fixing Effect
    An ultimate ‘repair made easy’ automotive kit which includes a bottle of advanced resin solution, curing films, and a mini scraper. This kit enables you to successfully fix unwanted windshield chips or cracks in no time without the need to drive through a car repair shop. It allows the liquid solution to penetrate deeply and fills on the cracks to seal and let the curing film provide a professional-like airtight finish. Eliminating all visible glass damage that might compromise the driver’s visibility when left unattended. Saving you from the risk of road accidents and your vehicle’s window crack from spreading further.

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Leaves a thick, invisible layer of long-lasting protection behind. It keeps the newly repaired glass much stronger to withstand the severity of winter and summer months thanks to its excellent curing and bonding effect. Preventing your windshield from easily damaging and cracking again even when exposed to extreme environments.   
  • Easy Car Glass Repairing 
    Provides an easy processing method that can fix your car cracks without any extra tool or complicated mixing needed. No worries as the solution dries and solidifies quickly so you don’t have to wait all day long for it to fully cure anymore. Simply drop a proper amount of the agent directly through the crack, apply the curing film and flatten it thoroughly using the scraper, wait for at least 20 minutes to dry off. After that, just peel off the curing film to reveal a spotless, fully repaired glass!

  • Wide Application
    Works perfectly on all types of laminated car windshields without damaging or spreading the cracks further. Suitable for fixing all types of mini scratches and cracks on your car’s glass such as bulls-eye, half-moon, star breaks, cobwebs cracks, long-line cracks, and other possible cracks. It does not come with any chemical toxic substances that might discolor your vehicle’s window. Furthermore, the liquid agent won't leave any sticky residues or streaking behind for that crystal-clear, repaired look.     

  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with professional-grade resin solution with exceptional penetrating and curing abilities. It can repair different cracks with just a few drops which makes it applicable for multiple more future fixes. The resin solution does now emit any chemical odors and they can touch the skin without causing allergic reactions to ensure safety and health.  


  • Net content: 3ml
  • Shelf year: 3yrs


  • 1 x Galande™ Car Windshield Crack Repair Kit
  • 1 x Scraper
  • 5 x Curing Films

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