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GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads

GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads

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Take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

At some point in my life, I lost a beloved pet. Among the cherished memories left behind was a pet garment that witnessed the cozy times we shared. Over time and with frequent wear, the clothes wore out and the colors lost their initial vibrancy. I couldn't let go of this dress that had been with me through the good times. One day, I stumbled upon this product in a Google search and decided to use it to gently care for my pet's sweater. To my surprise, after using it, the sweater looked brand new with less wear and tear and the color was restored, I highly recommend this product to help me keep the memories. ---Grace Pereira

I had just given birth at the time and had an experience that worried me greatly. While out and about, I came into contact with third-hand smoke, which clung to my clothes. When I got home, I held my baby, not realizing that this small detail could be the reason he got sick. Luckily, I was at the grocery store when the sales clerk introduced me to an amazing new product from 2024. After washing my clothes with this product, I realized that not only did they become fresh, but they also resisted the attachment of second-hand smoke and viruses. This gives me more peace of mind knowing that I am able to provide a cleaner and safer environment for my baby.---Ava Nicole

 "Thirdhand Smoke: Greater Harm than Smoking, the Invisible Threat of Stubborn Residue"

Thirdhand smoke is when harmful substances from tobacco smoke adhere to a variety of surfaces after the cigarette is extinguished, including clothing, walls, carpeting, furniture, hair, and skin. These residues contain a range of hazardous chemicals such as hydrocyanic acid, butane, and others, as well as eleven highly carcinogenic compounds.For example, cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat and esophagus and pancreas.

Third-hand smoke exists because tiny particles and gaseous compounds in the smoke from burning cigarettes float in the air and are then deposited on various surfaces in the surrounding environment. These deposits remain after the smoke has cleared and can be retained for long periods of time. In fact, even six hours after the cigarette is extinguished, these harmful substances are still present.

The harmful effects of third-hand smoke are spread through three main routes:

Respiratory route: People can be exposed to toxic substances by inhaling airborne particles of third-hand smoke.

Digestive: If a smoker touches a surface that contains thirdhand smoke residues, these harmful substances may come into contact with the hand through the mouth and then be ingested through the hand-to-mouth route.

Skin Contact: Direct contact with surfaces containing thirdhand smoke residues may also result in absorption of harmful substances into the skin.

These toxic substances may interact with other contaminants in the house to form more hazardous mixtures.

GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads are 50x antibacterial, 15 minute quick wash and 72 hour long lasting fragrance. Go beyond ordinary laundry gels to protect your health and cleanliness.

Laboratory research

The Hopkins research team focuses on laboratory studies that examine the effects of smoking and the chemical composition of third-hand smoke on living organisms. They also conduct long-term follow-up studies to assess the evolution of the health status of smokers, passive smokers, and those exposed to third-hand smoke in order to fully reveal the long-term health effects of tobacco smoke. The results of these studies support the patent application for GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads, which provide scientific support for personal health by preventing bacteria and viruses from remaining on clothing.

How does the GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads?

These well-designed nanoparticles have the ability to sense and recognise areas of wear. Once they are released into the wash water and come into contact with the surface of the garment, they instantly seek out and attach themselves to tiny areas of wear, providing a small but sustained repair. This technology is applicable to a wide range of different types of clothing materials. Over time, as the nanoparticles build up, they form a transparent nanofilm. This film builds a protective layer that covers the initial microscopic areas of wear and tear, making old clothing look new again.


Advanced Antimicrobial Technology: Our Ag+ silver ions deliver 50 times the antimicrobial potency, disrupting bacterial cell membranes for enduring sterilization and odor elimination. This technology effectively eradicates dirt and mold, preventing bacterial proliferation and indoor humidity-induced odors, all while preserving the integrity of your clothing. Additionally, nanoparticles penetrate deep into fabric layers, creating a long-lasting protective film that provides 24-hour defense against secondhand smoke and viruses, ensuring personal health.

Active Ingredients:

Advanced Nano Protection Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge nano particles, it penetrates deep into the fabric layers, providing long-lasting, 24-hour protection against secondhand smoke and viruses, ensuring comprehensive protection for your clothing.

Natural Mulberry Leaf Extract: Carefully selected from natural mulberry leaves, designed for sensitive skin, effortlessly removes secondhand smoke residues while imparting a fresh and natural fragrance to your clothing.

Ag+ Silver Ion Technology: Harnessing the efficient antibacterial properties of silver ions, it purifies deep within, offering lasting resistance against bacteria and mold, delivering a clean and hygienic laundry experience.

German-imported APG Bioactive Agent: Hailing from Germany, this gentle yet highly effective APG surface-active agent is eco-friendly and biodegradable, suitable for various types of clothing while being gentle on the skin.

Advanced Enzyme Formula: Combining innovative enzyme technology, it efficiently breaks down stubborn stains, restoring the original color of your clothing, revitalizing them.

Pure Natural Fragrance: Thoughtfully selected pure natural lemon aroma, free from synthetic additives, imparts a naturally fresh and invigorating scent to your garments.


Why Choose GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads?

Comprehensive Protection: Innovative formula effectively guards against secondhand smoke and viruses, ensuring all-around care for your family's health.

Pure Natural Fragrance: Experience the essence of lemon from nature, bringing a natural and fresh breath to your clothing.

Color Revitalization Technology: Unique enzyme and fiber repair technology that transforms old clothes into new, restoring their vibrant colors.

One Bead, Multiple Benefits: One bead, multiple effects, saving time and effort while enjoying fresh and clean laundry.

Nanoscale Deep Protection: Nano particles penetrate deep into the fabric, providing 24-hour lasting protection, creating a safer environment for you and your family.

Safety Certification Guarantee: Rigorously tested by SGS, free from harmful substances, ensuring a safe washing experience.

Eco-certified Product: Eco-certified, using environmentally friendly German APG materials, gently caring for your skin and your family's skin.

Let's take a look at what our happy customers are saying: 

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