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GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel

GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel

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"Get a smile that shines brighter than pearls!”


"Due to prolonged smoking, my teeth were discoloured. Every time I laughed, I was embarrassed by my yellow teeth. On the recommendation of my dentist, I tried GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel. After just one use, the smoke stains on my teeth were reduced and in less than a week, my teeth were noticeably whiter. Now, I can smile freely, and the transformation is truly miraculous!" --- William Davis 

"I have tried many teeth whitening products before, including dental veneers and whitening instruments, but they are not only expensive and ineffective, they even cause tooth sensitivity.Luckily, I searched Google and found GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel. I was a bit sceptical at first, but after using it for a day, I immediately saw amazing results! Best of all, my teeth are sparkling and they are no longer sensitive. This product really works and I highly recommend it!"---Lauren Brown

GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel is a revolutionary product with ingredients designed for the most stubborn discolourations on teeth. This whitening gel has been tested and proven to be effective in removing a wide range of discolourations that cannot be tackled by regular brushing alone.

Importance of Whiter Teeth:

Boosts Confidence: Whiter teeth can make you feel more confident.
Enhances Appearance:
Whiter teeth can enhance your overall appearance.
Oral Health:
Whiter teeth typically come with better oral hygiene habits.
Improve quality of life:
Oral health and appearance can affect life satisfaction and attraction to the opposite sex.

Why Did My Teeth Turn Yellow? 

"Zero Wear, As Bright As New"

Physician Certified

"As a leading expert and CEO of the Board of Directors of the American Dental Association in the field of oral health, Dr. Charlotte Grant has nearly 40 years of experience in teeth whitening and dental health treatments. She has witnessed some patients facing unfair treatment due to the appearance of their teeth. To permanently address this issue, after years of effort, she finally developed GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel. This product is dedicated to helping those with teeth whitening and health issues to ensure they have a bright, healthy smile.”

Seven-day Whitening Effect

How Does GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel Work?

7-Day High-Density Protective Lay

After 7 days of continuous use, a high-density protective layer gradually forms on the surface of the teeth. The main function of this protective layer is to resist the adhesion of coloured pigments, effectively preventing the development of tooth discolouration. Daily use will enhance the effectiveness of the protective layer and gradually increase the resistance to staining.

In just 7 days, the whitening effect becomes evident, along with the benefits of smoother and harder tooth surfaces. This whitening effect is long-lasting, lasting up to a year, ensuring teeth stay white and healthy.

7X Whitening and Brightening

GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel uses dual natural plant extract technology to combine natural rice bran and xylitol with safe ingredients such as niacinamide and cuttlefish bone meal. This special toothpaste formula dissolves stains 7 times more effectively while forming a strong protective layer on the teeth to prevent new discolouration from forming. No bleach is used.


Mild Yellow Teeth7 DAYS
Moderate Yellow Teeth14 DAYS
Severe Yellowing of Teeth28 DAYS

360° whitening

The product's design ensures no dead angles, easily covering the entire oral cavity, ensuring that every tooth benefits from teeth whitening and care. It penetrates into crevices, effectively addressing those hard-to-reach dark areas, making the overall tooth color shinier and more evenly whitened.

Four keys to solving whitening problems

Natural Rice Bran: Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, slightly abrasive action, removes stains and pigments.

Niacinamide: enhances the protective layer, reduces sensitivity, improves overall health and whitening effect.

Cuttlefish Bone Powder: Rich in calcium, removes stains, improves colour and enhances whitening.

Xylitol: prevents decay and gum problems, enhances mouth freshness and experience.

What makes GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel Special?

Whitening and brightening: Fine whitening particles give teeth a whitening shine while protecting enamel.
Dissolves 5x stains:
Deeply dissolves and removes stubborn tooth discolouration.
Prevent discolouration:
Covers the surface of the teeth to form a dense protective layer against staining.
Contains a natural plant-based complex:
natural rice bran + xylitol

Here are some of our satisfied customers!

"Coffee, a daily necessity at work, became a part of my life, but unfortunately, it also gradually yellowed my teeth. I was looking for a solution until I discovered this product. After using it for a day, I saw a noticeable whitening effect and it was very convenient. Now I can enjoy my coffee and not worry about the colour of my teeth anymore." ---Sarah Davis 

 "The problem of yellow teeth that I was born with genetically has been bothering me a lot. The yellow colour of my teeth was quite severe, so much so that my doctor strongly recommended that I try using this 28 day gel. Immediately after using it, I was amazed to see visible results, my teeth were no longer yellow and became white and bright. This gel really is the solution I have been looking for and I am deeply grateful for my doctor's advice and for this amazing product!"---Christopher Wilson

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