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GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage

GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage

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Grace Martinez submitted this photo of her journey with GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage. Congrats on the success!


My body shape made me feel insecure for a long time. I was looking for a solution that worked and I'm really glad I found GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage. i've been using it for 2 weeks now and it's dramatically made me look less bloated and I've lost 25 pounds. It's such a relief not to have to feel bad about it anymore, and I finally don't have to hide behind baggy clothes anymore. I'm so grateful I came across it!---Benjamin Anderson


Before incorporating this product into my routine, I felt like my metabolism was stuck in slow motion. Losing weight was like an uphill battle that I couldn't win. In addition, I was always on a roller coaster of emotions and always craving unhealthy snacks, which only made things worse. However, after using this device for a while, I noticed that I lost almost 12 pounds in 5 days and my mood was much happier as long as I ate normally and used it for 15 minutes a day.---Ava White


The GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage utilizes high-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate the cervical lymphatic system and deliver them to the lymph nodes. Heated electrode pads promote vasodilation and increase the flow of lymphatic fluid. This technological feature helps eliminate waste and toxins, enhance metabolism, and lose weight through sweating and defecation.

Do you have any of these problems? 

Edema and Puffiness: Localized or generalized edema and puffiness. This is due to the inability of the lymphatic system to efficiently remove excess fluid from the body, resulting in an increase in volume.

Weight Gain: Usually associated with fluid balance problems in the body. Once the fluid is drained or properly processed by the body, the weight will return to normal.

Slowed Metabolism: Slowed metabolism makes it more difficult to lose weight, and even with dieting measures, weight loss is ineffective. 

Chronic Fatigue: The accumulation of waste and toxins in the body can lead to feelings of fatigue, lack of motivation and energy, making it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle.

What are High Frequency Electrical impulses?

High frequency electrical pulses are widely used in the field of lymphatic system weight loss. The technology is based on the principle of high-frequency electromagnetic field, precise control of the frequency and intensity of the current pulse to activate the lymphatic system and promote blood circulation, the use of high-frequency electric pulse to stimulate the lymphatic system can be achieved weight loss.

Based on Clinical Trials

A clinical study found that in patients treated with high-frequency electrical pulse stimulation for lymphatic weight loss, in which the flow rate of lymphatic fluid was measured using ultrasound testing, the average flow rate of lymphatic fluid increased significantly, to approximately 10 milliliters per minute. Approximately 80% experienced a reduction in localized edema within 3 weeks of treatment, with an average volume reduction of approximately 25%.

How does the lymphatic system work?

The lymphatic system is the body's waste disposal and immune defense system and consists of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. Activating the lymphatic system helps to remove metabolic wastes, toxins and excess fluids from the tissues. This reduces edema and promotes efficient elimination of body wastes. Stimulating the lymphatic system increases the rate of cellular metabolism, which in turn increases energy expenditure.

Dr. Hannah Anderson

Dr. Hannah Anderson is an internal medicine specialist at the Texas Medical Center with over 20 years of research experience. In her clinical practice, she is acutely aware of the health problems that obesity can cause and actively seeks innovative solutions. With her exceptional medical expertise and technology, she has successfully planned and launched the GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage, which is designed to provide a more effective treatment for obese patients.

How does GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage work?

High-frequency electrical impulses are a treatment commonly used to stimulate the lymphatic system. Electrical impulses are applied to the skin through electrodes or sensors, which stimulate the lymphatic vessels and are transmitted throughout the body's lymphatic system.

The flow of lymphatic fluid is accelerated with the aid of heated electrode pads. This reduces edema, improves tissue fluid flow, and helps to effectively remove waste from the body.

Multi-function Adjustment

What Makes GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage Special?

✅ High-frequency electric pulse technology

✅ Weight loss through perspiration

✅ Heated electrode pads accelerate weight loss

✅ FDA Medical Approval

✅ Improves lymphatic system function

✅ Reduces edema and detoxification

✅ Lightweight and lightweight body

✅ Patented technology in the field of lymphatic drainage

Here are some of our satisfied customers


Metabolic problems really messed up my body - despite controlling my diet and going to the gym every single day, weight loss results were minimal and it threw me for a loop." Luckily, my wife suggested I try GFOUK™ Electric Pulse Lymphatic Drainage and it's incredible. I've been consistently using it for 20 minutes a day and slowly but surely, it's helping with weight loss and even my skin is getting tighter and making me feel healthier. I can't even express how happy and relieved I am!---Cristopher Miller


I work long hours in front of a computer, and the long hours of sedentary work have left me seriously out of shape and frustrated by the fact that a lot of nice clothes don't come in sizes that I can wear. After searching for information, I stumbled upon this device that allows you to lose weight while sitting. Gosh, I love it! Using it for 10 minutes and sweating as much as if I had worked out for an hour at the gym is very relaxing and soothing. Used it for a week and found I lost 15 pounds! Great stuff.---Sophia Thompson

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