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GFOUK™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device

GFOUK™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device

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See what our happy customers have to say about GFOUK™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device! 

I've had Type 2 since about 15 years ago and till this day, trying to keep my blood sugar level from going on a roller coaster is still unbelievably hard for me. I've heard of GlycoWave from a dear friend in our local diabetes support group. I thought he was bluffing but he wasn't. I've been wearing this since I got it and I've no longer felt the weakness or massive swings on my blood sugar level. It's such a relief to no longer feel the dizziness all the time. I've kept a good eye on my levels, of course. And I've noticed that my sugar level is far more stable than before! For years on end, I finally feel like I could actually return to a normal lifestyle with a clear mind!

Jonathan Paxton (39), Wisconsin

My diabetic foot ulcer have been an age-long issue for me. The appearance, the pain... everything about it had made my life so much harder. I had tried tons of stuff and nothing worked. Thankfully, I fund GlycoWave. I measured my own blood sugar levels about every two hours and I've noticed that my numbers no longer fluctuates as much since I started using GlycoWave. I also stopped feeling weak on my knees at times. A good blood sugar level enabled me to function better, think better. Thank you so much!

 Irene Love (41), San Francisco

Decoding Diabetes: Unravelling High Blood Sugar & Its Varied Causes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition characterized by elevated blood glucose levels - a result of insufficient insulin production or utilization. There are two primary types of diabetes:
Type 1, where the immune system wrongfully targeting and destroying insulin-producing cells; 
Type 2, where body's insulin resistance and inadequate insulin response lead to the body's failure to regulate a high blood sugar level. The risk of diabetes may increase with age, starting at 45 years old. Genetic inheritance can also contribute to the rising risk.

What is Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels. When cells become insulin resistant, more insulin is required to manage a healthy blood sugar level, resulting in elevated levels (hyperglycemia).

Revolutionizing Blood Sugar Management

Electrotherapy Solutions

Oral Antidiabetic Drugs and Injectable Medications like insulin, are commonly used to manage blood sugar levels. These injective or ingestive solutions are known to create minor inconvenience in everyday life. In light of this, the GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device introduces a new approach to balancing sugar levels through EMS technology. Using deep-reaching EMS waves, GlycoWave can effectively enhance insulin sensitivity and utilise the muscle's capacity for glucose uptake and improve metabolism.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

The GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device capitalizes Electrical Muscle Stimulation to operate by delivering controlled and specialized electrical impulses to strengthen muscle tissues. This process prompts increased glucose uptake by muscle tissues. As muscles contract leads to a greater uptake of glucose from the bloodstream, this heightened glucose uptake facilitates its efficient conversion into energy within the muscle cells, thereby reducing the concentration of glucose circulating in the bloodstream and stabilize the blood glucose level.

Enhance Glucose Metabolism

Muscles serve as vital contributors to glucose metabolism by engaging in biochemical processes to transform glucose into energy. GlycoWave utilizes EMS to enhance metabolism by eliciting muscle contractions. This heightened metabolic activity is found to be able to enhance glucose utilization, and reduce glucose remains in the bloodstream, allowing user to effortlessly regulation of blood sugar levels.

In our clinical trials, we've confirmed that those who'd been using GlycoWave have achieved a significant improvement on their blood sugar level throughout the recorded time. Our users had also reported to have a higher conversion rate of glucose to energy, making it possible to have a dramatic ups and downs in their blood glucose level. Comparing to the same group of patients with diabetes, the users of GlycoWave no long suffered from a drastic fluctuation. 

Increase Muscle Mass

EMS stimulation helps increase muscle mass and strength. As major sites for glucose uptake, increased muscle mass can effectively enhance insulin sensitivity. And by so doing, better blood sugar control.

What Makes GFOUK™ GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device A Great Choice

✅ Balance Blood Sugar Levels
✅ Reduce Postprandial Blood Sugar Levels
 Regulate Glucose Metabolism
✅ Promote Cardiovascular Health
✅ Stimulate Insulin Production
✅ Safe and Compact

Here are More of our Happy Customers

Tired of dealing with diabetic foot complications every day? Check out the GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device. It's scientifically proven to be a game-changer for healing diabetic foot ulcers by reducing pain, inflammation, and promoting wound healing.

Dustin Haynes (36), Springfield

Dealing with diabetes has been a long battle, especially as it started to impair my eyesight and impact my daily life. Thanks to this device, my vision is returning and my blood sugar levels are better regulated, addressing the main issue and improving my overall health and well-being.

Albert Thomas (48), Wyoming 


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