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GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole

GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole

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Doctors told me that O-leg surgery was expensive ...... But then I discovered an alternative therapy and walking stopped falling.


“I often felt pain in my legs, my legs were tired when I walked up the stairs, and I fell a lot. Then I went to the doctor and realised that I have O-shaped legs. The doctor recommended GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insoles. After wearing them, the shape of my legs was corrected immediately. What surprised me most was that after two weeks of consistent use, my friends said that I seemed to have grown a little taller and that I wouldn't fall down when walking for no reason, which not only improved my posture, but also allowed me to stand confidently in group photos.”---Nancy Garcia


“I used to love wearing high heels and crossing my legs, but these bad habits have deformed my legs. The price of the surgery also put me off and I felt hopeless. Then at a party, a friend introduced me to this product. This orthopaedic insole not only improved the appearance of my legs, but more importantly, it helped me reduce the discomfort of my legs. Now I gradually regained my confidence and can still wear my favourite dresses. Feeling really good!”---Lisa Jackson

The GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole utilizes advanced ergonomic principles and is carefully designed to fit the characteristics of your leg to ensure optimal support and alignment. The comfortably curved design fits snugly in your arch and improves leg posture with ease. The introduction of the latest nano-material technology makes every use a gentle corrective experience. This special material is not only lightweight and comfortable, but also has adjusting properties that gradually guide the leg back to the correct angle.

Why do you have X-shaped legs / O-shaped legs?

X/O legs stem from genetics, uneven bone development, hip problems and muscle disorders. Incorrect sitting posture (e.g. crossed legs, hunchback) puts pressure on the hips and knees and interferes with even development. Improper walking posture also interferes with normal development by causing the angle between the hip and knee to narrow or widen. Improper weight distribution or uncoordinated movements during walking can stress bones and muscles and lead to X/O legs.

Incorrect foot pressure distribution can lead to biomechanical imbalances in the body during walking and movement, which in turn increases the stress and burden on the knees, hips and feet. This uneven pressure can lead to gait abnormalities, placing additional stress on the knees and hips while increasing the risk of foot injuries.

If X/O legs are not taken seriously, patients over the age of 35 can become unsteady on their feet, increasing the risk of falls; increasing the likelihood of joint degeneration and wear and tear; and leading to spinal problems and back pain, and in severe cases, even disability.

Dr. Christopher Anderson

Dr. Christopher Anderson is known for his outstanding research and contributions to the field of orthopedics. He has published numerous research papers in several international medical journals covering the latest innovations in orthopedic surgery, new approaches to disease treatment, and improvements in rehabilitation strategies, and the GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole, his most distinguished research, has helped more than 1000,000 patients correct their leg shape.

How does the GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole work?


Biomechanical support: Insoles are designed to provide biomechanical support during foot movement to correct O-leg problems. By embedding specific supports and padding in the insoles, it is possible to adjust the posture and alignment of the foot to angle of the knees, hips and lower extremities.
Strengthening the gastrocnemius (calf muscle): Insoles help to strengthen the gastrocnemius muscle associated with leg alignment. This can be accomplished by adding moderate support to specific areas, which encourages proper muscle use and promotes improved leg structure.
Progressive alignment: Insoles may be designed with the gradual nature of the alignment process in mind. The foot is gradually guided back to a normal biomechanical position to avoid excessive stress on muscles and bones. 

GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole Special Features

Four core designs

Heel Wrap AreaKeeps the insole in place and balances the foot with the shoe.

Arch Support ZoneRestore the arch curvature and cushioning.

Heel CutoutAllows the bottom of the heel to contact the insole of the shoe, ensuring sufficient cushioning for the heel.

Mid-Foot Massage ZoneMore comfort in the ball of the foot and better blood circulation.

Why Choose GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole?

 Painless leg correction
 Fits a wide range of shoe types
 Always stays close to the sole of the foot
 Balances the body to adjust posture
 Curved support & shock absorbing cushioning


“I used to fall down when I walk, and after consulting the doctor at the hospital, I realized that it was caused by my natural O-shaped legs. The doctor suggested that I use GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole, and to my surprise, when I used it, I no longer fell and walked with ease. And after about 10 days, I was able to walk normally without it. This change has affected my gait and I am really thankful for this product!”---Sarah Taylor


"These insoles are amazing! In the beginning, every time I stood up my calves would hurt like hell and I always wobbled when I walked. But since using the GFOUK™ Half Arch Comfort Insole, leg problems have been solved instantly. And I have to say, I find it amazing that I don't need this product now and my calves no longer hurt when I stand up! Thank you so much!“---Christopher Thomas

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