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GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband

GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband

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Satisfied Customers Buzzing About GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband And Some Functional Success Stories


"From the first time I felt the tingling pain, gout was like an invisible shackle that bound me to life. The tingling in my joints often kept me from getting out of bed, and the hiking I once loved was now a dream. Every gout attack made me feel helpless and frustrated, however, everything has changed drastically since I started wearing the GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband, which is not only easy to wear and warm to wear, but also relieved me from the pain that had been bothering me for a long time, and I started to go on short walks, which gave me a long-lost sense of freedom. Thank you so much for this product, I highly recommend it'' - Richard Hyde (42 years)


"When gout flares up, my joints are in excruciating pain and my dietary life becomes fraught with restrictions. At every gathering of friends, I had to choose my food very carefully for fear of triggering the next attack. The desire for food and the frustration of not being able to enjoy it made every social gathering stressful. My friend who has the same gout problem as me recommended me to use this GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband, I wear it every day and after a week, it alleviates the pain of my dietary restrictive choices and also restores me to good health, so that I don't have high pressure of making dietary choices and some limitations to meet with my friends anymore, I'm really happy about it,". - Mona Stover (39 years)


Introducing GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband Innovatively combining three key technologies, Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS, which are efficiently integrated with the revolutionary fusion of monitoring our daily blood oxygenation, bone density, and stress management, GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband helps to treat the whole body gout problem through the three technologies of Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS. Its unique combination of technologies provides a highly effective means of improving blood oxygen levels, optimizing bone density, and effectively managing stress. Focusing on addressing systemic gout and effectively treating neurodermatitis creates an advanced therapeutic tool and simultaneously demonstrates significant results in neurodermatitis treatment.

What are Far Infrared, Negative Ion and EMS technologies?

Far Infrared (FIR): Far Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation used for heating and therapeutic purposes, characterized by wavelengths longer than visible light and the ability to experience deep penetrating warmth. Due to its wavelength characteristics, it has anti-inflammatory potential in the context of arthritic symptoms caused by gout.

Negative Ion Technology: In its charge-loaded ionic form, it can have a physiological impact on gout by means of an ion exchange with the body. This exchange affects blood composition, promotes blood flow, helps in the excretion of metabolites, and resolves many of the uncomfortable symptoms caused by gout.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS): EMS is a technique that uses electrical impulses to cause muscle contraction, which can directly affect the muscle tissue and produce a contraction effect, thus relieving the muscle discomfort caused by gout.

Why do these three core technologies treat systemic gout?

The three technologies, Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS, work synergistically with each other in the wristband to provide more comprehensive health benefits for treating gout throughout the body.

Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS are three different technologies that work in combination in the GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband, each of which has different roles and benefits. Together they can provide more comprehensive support for treating gout throughout the body, and here's how they work together with each other:

Negative Ions and Far Infrared: Negative ions and far infrared rays are known to increase the body's energy levels, improve circulation, reduce stress, and relieve muscle pain. When present together in a bracelet, they can work synergistically to enhance these benefits. For example, far infrared rays can warm body tissues and improve blood circulation, while negative ions can increase the body's energy levels and sense of relaxation.

EMS and Far Infrared: EMS is a technique that promotes muscle contraction and exercise through electrical stimulation of the muscles. Far infrared rays can play a role in this by warming the muscle tissue and increasing blood flow to make EMS more effective. This can help improve muscle strength and soothe muscle pain.

EMS and Negative Ions: Negative ions can reduce stress and anxiety, which can help relax the body when using EMS. A relaxed body state may help to improve the effects of EMS, as tense muscles are less susceptible to electrical stimulation.

What makes the GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband the best choice?

✔ Far infrared technology: in terms of gout-induced arthritis symptoms, it can play a role in alleviating gout-induced arthritis symptoms by regulating inflammatory response-related biomolecules, cytokines and so on.

✔ Negative Ion Technology: It has built-in specially designed low energy consumption negative ion generator, which can continuously release negative ions, help to improve the wearer's mood and mental state, and purify the air to a certain extent

✔ EMS Technology: It can directly affect the muscle tissues and produce a contraction effect, thus relieving the muscle discomfort caused by gout.

✔Accessory other functional features: the bracelet is equipped with blood oxygen monitoring, bone density detection, pressure sensing and other functions, and has the property of treating neurodermatitis, which is a smart choice.

✔ ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: This eco-friendly bracelet is made of natural rubber in non-toxic organic colors with a simple and beautiful design.

Here are some of our happy customers:

"Gout attacks left me suffering from joint pain and I had to take long-term medication to control my condition. Every morning, quietly eating a low purine breakfast next to the neatly arranged pill bottles, the side effects of long-term medication made me feel tired and nauseous from time to time. Then I learned about the product GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband, after wearing it continuously for a week, my gout was cured and my whole essence is so much better than before, I will face life more positively now and no longer see gout as a burden, I will wear it for a long time, thank you very much for this product." - Janice Martin (45 years)

"The distress caused by gout often left me with a dilemma, each regular visit to the hospital for checkups and treatment was a test of my time and patience, and I had to take time off work to go to the hospital frequently, which made me anxious not only because of the discomfort caused by gout itself, but also because of the disruption gout caused to my work life, until the use of this bracelet GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband Gout Relief Wristband has allowed me to find a balance between my health needs and my professional responsibilities." - Kristoff Newman (36 years)



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