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GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster

GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster

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Drinking hydrogen-rich water daily is good for recovery 💦 Boosts immune system 💦 Drinking healthy water every day 💦 Reducing health risks from water pollution

Cynthia Perkins submitted this photo of her journey after using GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster. Congrats on the success!

“The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster has been a remarkable find for me in dealing with persistent swelling and fluid retention in my body. With the ability to produce hydrogen in any beverage, the relief I experience upon drinking the hydrogen-infused water is immediate and noticeable. This coaster has significantly alleviated the swelling, offering a natural solution that doesn't require medication or invasive treatments. Its user-friendly design and seamless functionality make it a convenient addition to my daily routine. It has exceeded my expectations, becoming an indispensable tool in promoting my overall health and well-being. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking relief from swelling and a boost in their overall wellness.”

“It has left me amazed by its remarkable impact, not only on weight loss but also on addressing my sagging skin concerns. Been struggling on it after living a sedentary lifestyle and by incorporating hydrogen water into my daily routine has proven to be highly effective in resolving issues such as swelling, inflammation, and even sagging chin. The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster ability to infuse beverages with hydrogen has brought transformative results in terms of reducing bloating, soothing inflammation, and promoting a more youthful appearance. I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being, thanks to the hydrogen-rich water generated by this gemstone coaster. With its easy-to-use design and outstanding effects, highly recommended to anyone seeking tangible solutions for weight loss and skin concerns.” - Erene Roach

The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster accelerates the production of hydrogen in your beverages, reaching over 3000 ppb concentration in just 10 minutes. Experience the health benefits of hydrogen-rich water with this innovative coaster, promoting cellular rejuvenation and overall wellness.

Water Quality Association Recommended
Over 1500 research papers supporting its effectiveness

Harnessing the Power of Tourmaline Energy: Unlocking Hydrogen's Healing Potential

By using the specific frequency of the tourmaline energy stone, the water's original molecules are destroyed and broken down into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, which are easily absorbed by the body. The 0.96 THz amplitude of Tourmaline activates the cells, helping to accelerate the body's metabolism and eliminate toxins and waste products from the body.

Super Antioxidant Power

Introducing the GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster, a revolutionary innovation designed to transform ordinary water into a hydrogen-rich elixir equivalent to consuming a remarkable 300 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. This extraordinary gemstone coaster harnesses the power of advanced technology and the natural properties of tourmaline to infuse your water with an abundance of antioxidants and beneficial hydrogen molecules.

How Does The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster Works?

The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster operates by leveraging the unique properties of tourmaline energy stones. Through a specific frequency emitted by the coaster, the water's original molecules undergo a process of destruction and breakdown into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Tourmaline Resonance Water - Manufacture of 1600ppb Hydrogen Oxygen Separation Technology / every 5 minutes

These hydrogen molecules are easily absorbed by the body, offering a range of health benefits. The tourmaline's amplitude, specifically at 0.96 THz, activates cells, stimulating the body's metabolism and aiding in the elimination of toxins and waste products.

Effectiveness of Hydrogen Enriched Water

• Strong antioxidant power: 1.5L of hydrogen-rich water per day - This is equivalent to the antioxidant value of several hundred fruits and vegetables.

• High safety - After neutralization with free radicals, water is produced and excreted in the urine, carrying away most of the toxins in the body.

• High penetration: Hydrogen molecules are 100-150,000 parts of the average cell size of the human body. - The hydrogen molecule is one part in 100,000-150,000 of the average cell size in the human body and can easily penetrate through biological membranes to bring out its antioxidant power.

• Regulates the body's immune system: strengthens the body's constitution - It helps to improve the immune system, strengthen the body and improve the state of sub-health, giving a youthful and energetic appearance.

• Helps to improve overall health: boosts body energy - It also helps to improve sleep deprivation, work fatigue and stress, sagging skin and lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

Revitalizing Vascular Health

The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster plays a crucial role in vascular cleaning, safeguarding the "lifeline" of the human body by unblocking blood vessels. Through the power of tourmaline energy stones and hydrogen infusion, this innovative coaster aids in the removal of plaque and other impurities that can obstruct the smooth flow of blood. By regularly drinking hydrogen-rich water produced by the coaster, one can potentially support cardiovascular health, improve blood circulation, and enhance overall vascular function.

Detoxification Through Sweating & Metabolism

Detoxification through sweating and metabolism is essential for maintaining health. Sweating helps eliminate toxins through the skin, while metabolism converts food into energy and eliminates waste. Prioritizing activities that promote sweating and a healthy metabolism supports natural detox processes, improving overall well-being.

Improving Lymphatic System

The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster offers potential benefits for improving the lymphatic system. By providing hydrogen-infused water, it may support lymphatic circulation and drainage, aiding in the removal of toxins and waste from the body. The tourmaline energy stones in the coaster emit a specific frequency that can activate cells, potentially enhancing lymphatic function. Incorporating this coaster into a daily routine may contribute to improved lymphatic flow, promoting detoxification, reducing swelling, and supporting overall lymphatic system health.

What Makes The GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster Be The GREAT CHOICE:

Advanced Technology: The coaster incorporates cutting-edge technology that utilizes tourmaline energy stones to optimize water molecules, resulting in the production of hydrogen and oxygen for enhanced absorption and health benefits.

Cellular Activation: The specific frequency emitted by the tourmaline energy stones activates cells within the body, stimulating metabolism and promoting the elimination of toxins and waste products.

Rapid Hydrogen Generation: Within just 10 minutes, the coaster is capable of generating hydrogen-rich water with a concentration exceeding 3000 ppb, allowing for quick access to the numerous advantages associated with hydrogen consumption.

Convenient and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, the coaster provides a hassle-free experience. Simply place your drink on the coaster and let it work its magic, transforming your beverage into a hydrogen-rich elixir.

Holistic Wellness Support: By incorporating the GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster into your routine, you can enhance hydration, promote overall wellness, and experience the revitalizing effects of hydrogen for a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

Sustainable and Long-Lasting: Crafted with durability in mind, the coaster is built to withstand regular use, ensuring long-lasting performance. This sustainable choice allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen-rich water over an extended period.

Versatile Applications: The coaster is compatible with various beverages, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to incorporate hydrogen-rich water into their daily routine. Innovative

Approach to Hydration: The coaster represents a modern and innovative approach to hydration, offering a convenient and effective way to access the powerful properties of hydrogen and optimize your overall well-being.

Here are some of our happy customers:

“Dealing with persistent fluid buildup in my legs and arms throughout the day was not only uncomfortable but also resulted in joint pain. Then everything changed for the better once I incorporated the GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster into my daily routine. Following a healthy water diet using this coaster has been a game-changer. The coaster's ability to produce hydrogen-rich water has had a remarkable impact on reducing fluid buildup and alleviating discomfort. The joint pain that accompanied the fluid retention has significantly diminished since I started using this coaster. I am now able to enjoy improved comfort and mobility thanks to the positive effects of this!” - Terry Clair

“This GFOUK™ IONWater Detoxing Tourmaline Energy Gemstone Coaster has proven to be a wonderful solution for addressing my double chin caused by lymph swelling. By drinking water infused with hydrogen generated by this coaster, I have witnessed a significant reduction in swelling, resulting in a slimmer and more toned chin. Incorporating this coaster into my daily routine has also had the added benefit of reducing puffiness and bloating in my face and neck. I have been delighted with the noticeable improvements in my facial appearance, thanks to the effective reduction of swelling and the overall rejuvenating effects of hydrogen-rich water.” - Patricia Coggins


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