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GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Tartar Removal Ampoule Toothpaste

GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Tartar Removal Ampoule Toothpaste

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Cashandra Dajvis submitted this photo of her journey using the GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Tartar Removal Ampoule Toothpaste. Congrats on the success!

"Given my aversion to the discomfort associated with dental procedures involving scraping, I had refrained from seeking professional help for a substantial period of time, leaving me susceptible to periodontitis. Unfortunately, years had passed since my last dental visit. Despite maintaining diligent oral hygiene practices, I struggled to address the persistent coffee stains on my lower front teeth. And after incorporating the GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste into my routine, I noticed a positive shift. Over the past month, remarkable changes have occurred; the stains have visibly lightened, offering a renewed sense of health to my teeth amidst concerns of periodontitis."

“After years of smoking, I found myself grappling with unsightly stains and stubborn tartar buildup on my teeth. Seeking a solution, I turned to the GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste. I've been using it for several weeks now, and the results have been remarkable. The toothpaste's powerful plant extracts have effectively lightened the stains and gradually reduced the thickness of the tartar. I'm genuinely impressed with how this toothpaste has helped improve the appearance and overall health of my teeth, despite the challenges posed by my cigar habit.” - Michael Scali

Eliminate tartar buildup & address various oral issues. Attain the confidence you're entitled to!

Experience the power of GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste, which eradicates 98.97% of bacteria, providing instant relief from bad breath and toothaches. Witness plaque clearance within 1 week and teeth whitening. Over 3-6 weeks, it comprehensively addresses a range of oral concerns such as cavities, tartar accumulation, tooth staining, sensitivity, gum issues, mouth sores, gingivitis, periodontitis, and enamel wear.

Medically Recommended

Speaking as a dental professional, I highly recommend the GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste to patients facing dental hygiene issues, including the challenge of tartar buildup. This toothpaste is formulated with a diverse array of herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds that work harmoniously to dissolve hardened tartar, enabling its safe removal and reducing the likelihood of infection.

Effortless Solution for Oral Issues

The GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste is committed to providing a secure and risk-free resolution for oral concerns. This toothpaste offers utmost convenience in its usage. It can be directly applied to a toothbrush for brushing or combined with any toothpaste. Its application is effortless, ensuring an even distribution across the teeth and effectively reaching difficult-to-access areas prone to tartar buildup.

How Does The GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Tartar Removal Ampoule Toothpaste Works?

Whitens and Brightens Teeth

Experience the remarkable transformation of your teeth with Ampoule Toothpaste. This toothpaste effectively removes dental plaque, calculus, and harmful bacteria, restoring the brilliance of your smile.

Eliminates Persistent Bad Breath

Bid farewell to bad breath woes with Ampoule Toothpaste. It eliminates bad breath and leaves your breath refreshingly minty, thanks to the added menthol.

Relief from Mouth Sores & Prevention

Mouth ulcers can be both painful and disruptive. Ampoule Toothpaste targets the bacterial erosion causing these sores, aiding in the healing of mouth ulcers.

Guarding Against Cavities

Shield your teeth from cavities with Ampoule Toothpaste. It combats deep-seated bacteria, encouraging the formation of reparative dentin and facilitating the mending of tooth decay.

Calculus Removal for Enhanced Oral Health

Promote the health of your teeth and gums with Ampoule Toothpaste's adept formula that revitalizes your teeth's health and appearance.

Made With 6 Key Ingredients To Maintain Oral Health

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

With its gentle abrasive qualities, baking soda aids in removing tartar buildup on teeth. Additionally, baking soda neutralizes mouth acids that contribute to tooth decay, making it valuable for tartar prevention.


Xylitol's remarkable acid-neutralizing ability safeguards tooth enamel and reduces tartar formation. It also promotes tooth remineralization, strengthening enamel and decreasing cavity risk. Research suggests xylitol impedes bacteria adhesion to teeth, hampering plaque and tartar formation.


Triphala boasts antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and free radical scavenging properties, targeting streptococcus mutans and biofilm formation. This leads to effective plaque removal and safeguarding of gingival tissues from radical-induced harm.

Citric Acid

Derived from citrus fruits, citric acid is renowned for eradicating tartar and enhancing overall dental health. Its mineral-dissolving attribute is pivotal for tartar removal, coupled with antibacterial properties that counter hazardous oral bacteria, reducing plaque, tartar, tooth decay, and gum disease risks.

Peppermint Extract

Peppermint extract excels in refreshing breath and providing a clean mouth feel. Rich in menthol, it cools and masks bad breath, stimulates saliva production, aiding in food particle and germ elimination that contribute to tartar.

German Chamomile

With anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic qualities, German Chamomile is ideal for sensitive gums. It soothes broken capillaries, relieving bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

The Ultimate Oral Health Solution

The GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste is endorsed by the American Dental Association and dental professionals, is the answer to comprehensive oral care. It effectively addresses an array of issues including tartar, bad breath, ulcers, cavities, bleeding gums, sensitivity, gingivitis, periodontitis, and more. Crafted from 100% natural herbs, it's suitable for all ages, ensuring optimal oral health without any side effects.

What Makes This GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Tartar Removal Ampoule Toothpaste Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Effectively dissolve and eliminate tartar accumulation

 Reach tight spaces between teeth and along the gum line

 The extract texture may facilitate a more comprehensive cleaning compared to conventional toothpaste

 Convenient application, ensuring easy use

 Boasts an exclusive and secure formulation

 Contribute to enhancing oral hygiene

Here are some of our happy customers:

“Having used the GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste consistently for a few weeks, I'm delighted to see an enhancement in my teeth's appearance. The persistent tartar buildup that had been painful and a concern for months visibly diminished, leaving my teeth feeling noticeably smoother and displaying a brighter shine. This toothpaste has proven to be an excellent complement to my oral care regimen, and its effectiveness in tackling stubborn issues like tartar buildup is commendable.” - Beverly Kay

“I decided to give the GFOUK™ PearlWhite Plant Extract Ampoule Toothpaste a try by applying it to my teeth and allowing it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. I was pleasantly surprised to feel its immediate impact in breaking down tartar, leaving my teeth noticeably cleaner and whiter. There's a distinct brightness to my teeth now, and they feel refreshingly clean. What's particularly impressive is that I've experienced no sensitivity or discomfort while using this toothpaste, which has been a concern with other products.” - Myra Rucker

Usage Directions

1. Apply the essence directly on the toothbrush and brush your teeth.

2. Or apply the essence on the toothpaste and use it together.

3. Daily use can make the effect better.


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